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  • Brookes Polycold Cryogenic Chiller

    Brooks Polycold Cryogenic Chiller


    Brooks Polycold Cryogenic Chiller PFC500TUV in good condition, NO gas pressure reflecting on gauges

    Shipping can be arranged Worldwide at extra cost

  • Digital Thermometer Small 12VAC/DC EVCO

    Digital Thermometer Small 12VAC/DC


    The EVCO TM102AN2 Temperature Indicator with a working range between -40 and 99 °C and uses a NTC Sensor and operates on 12VC/DC. The probe is supplied with the unit. 1 Degree Resolution

  • ET04 Wall Mounted A/C Controller

    ET042 Wall Mounted A/C Controller


    A cost effective universal wall mounted air conditioner controller for fan coil unit applications.

  • Fan Coil Controller (1 Valve)
    • Out-of-Stock

    Fan Coil Controller (1 Valve)


    This universal fan coil controller has 3 fan speed relays as well as an output for one valve. The controller is supplied complete with PCB and Infrared Remote Control

  • TLR D5 Universal A/C Controller - Vector Controls

    Fan Coil Controller (1 Valve) 0-10V


    This universal configurable fan coil controller is wall flush mounted. The controller has 3 fan speed relays as well as a 0-10VDC output for systems with one valve. The controller has a auto change over mode and auto fan mode. The unit has an option of a infrared remote control (OPR-1) and is available in 24V or 230V

  • Freezer Controller Box

    Freezer Controller Box


    EVCO ASQKB33000 Freezer Controller in a plastic wall mounted enclosure with a ON/OFF switch and a light swithch fitted in the enclosure

  • GSM Controller (No Support)

    GSM Controller (Support from Manufacturer)


    GSM Controller, DIN Rail Mounted, complete with antenae, power supply and programming controller. 4 Digital Outputs, 4 Digital Inputs, 2 Analogue Inputs. Programming software can be downloaded.


  • CS HT24
    • On sale!

    HT24 Temperature Humidity Controller


    Combined Temperature and Humidity Digital Controller, Panel Mounted, 230V supplied complete with Wall Mounted Sensor. The Controller has 5 Relay outputs. Configurable to Heat or Cool and Humidify or De Humidify. If you require a Controller that will do both please look at the EVCO EVJ506N2

  • Mechanical Hygrostat

    Mechanical Hygrostat


    This Controller is ideal for use in Grain Silos to prevent too much Humidity which causes mould.The Hygrostat will start the heater/fan if the humidity exceeds a set value. The Hygrostat has a change-over contact and can also be used to control Humidifiers if the air becomes too dry.

  • Universal Window A/C Control System - Cool Only

    Universal Window A/C Control System - Cool Only


    An affordable universal air conditioner control system for cooling only window/wall a/c units with 3 fan speed outputs and compressor. Complete with PC Board, infra red remote control, sensor and transformer.

  • Variable Speed Drive 0.18kW

    Variable Speed Drive 0.18kW (1/4hp)


    ABB Variable Speed Drive 0.18kW

  • Variable Speed Drive 0.18kW

    Variable Speed Drive 0.37kW (1/2hp)


    ABB Variable Speed Frequency Drive 0.37kW (1/2hp)