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Small Cabinet Cooler

A Cabinet Cooler is a device with no moving parts that will cool electrical enclosures with a supply of compressed air, making it ideal for use in factories and plants, where an air supply is already available. The cabinet cooler will form an air tight seal on the enclosure, thus keeping a positive pressure in the enclosure. The unit has a hot air release valve which will expell any hot air.


The Cabinet Cooler works on the same principle as a Vortex Tube, which is a device with no moving parts that will convert a compressed air supply into two streams – one hot and one cold. A Vortex tube can produce cold air down to temperatures of -35°C and hot air up to +127°C. Available in sizes ranging from 300btu to 2500btu. Contact us to calculate the specific model you wlil require. To calculate accurately we will need the physical size of the enclosure, maximum enclosure temperature, maximum ambient temperature surrounding the enclosure and desired temperature

Compressed air is injected tangentially into the tube at sonic speed and creates a cyclone (Vortex) spinning at about one million revolutions per minute. Part of the air is forced to spin inward to the centre hole and travels up the long tube where a valve turns this spinning column (Vortex) of air inside itself. The inside column of air gives up its heat to the outside column. The cold air is then directed out the cold end of the Vortex Tube. The temperature and air flow are adjustable, but supplied pre adjusted to optimium settings.

Installation in the enclosure is quick and easy. We recommend that you use a filter regulator in the supply airline before the cabinet cooler.

Ratings @ 100 PSIG (6.9 Bar)
60002A 145 42 2 57
60004A 290 85 4 113
60008A 580 170 8 227