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  • PUMPKIN10 - Slim Line...
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    PUMPKIN10 - Slim Line Condensate Pump


    Mini split piston condensate drain pump with float switch for A/C units up to 10KW (34 000btu) 9 litre/hour, max suction 1.5m, head 10m.

  • Sauermann SI1850
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    Sauermann SI1850


    The SI 1850 pump is designed to evacuate heavy and contaminated condensates. Capable of evacuating up to 1100 l/h, the SI 1850 pump is suitable for air conditioning units and industrial refrigeration displays. Strong, the SI 1850 tolerates charged, high temperature and acidic condensates (pH > 3.4) produced by gas condensing boilers

  • Heat Pump Controller 230V
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    Heat Pump Controller 230V


    The EVCO EV3B94N9 is a 115V - 230V digital heat pump controller with a LED display and is capable of controlling Domestic Hot Water and Swimming Pool Heat Pumps. Configurable for different applications. Supplied with 3 x 1.5m NTC Probes

  • AVS30 30A 230VAC
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    AVS30 30A 230VAC


    Low power (under-voltage) will damage any refrigeration appliance’s compressor and High Power (Over voltage) will damage any electrical or electronic equipment. The AVS30 is the most complete power protection device combining over-voltage, under-voltage, power-back surges and spikes/surge protection. Additionally, there is a delay when power returns to normal. This will ensure that the appliance is not switched on-off repeatedly during fluctuations nor it is subjected to a massive surge normally experienced when power returns after power cuts. Also accommodating a start up / inrush current of 110Amps.

  • A/C Guard 20A 230V
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    A/C Guard 20A 230V


    Appliances such as air-conditioning and refrigeration units are particularly vulnerable to damage caused by low voltage ‘brownouts’. With the A/C Guard, your equipment is protected against all power fluctuations: over-voltage as well as low voltage, spikes, surges, power back surges and power fluctuations. Part of Sollatek’s highly versatile Voltshield Range which uses the Sollatek Switcher technology, the A/C Guard switches off the air-conditioner instantly when a power problem occurs, reconnecting it only once the mains supply has stabilised.

  • AVS3P-0 3 Phase Voltage...
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    AVS3P-0 3 Phase Voltage Protector


    Protects from over voltage and under voltage on any one of the three phases as well as loss of one or more phases. Indication and/or disconnection as a result of mains frequency error or phase sequence error is available as an option