• Heating/Cooling Controller 230V
  • EVCO EVK231 Electronic Fridge Controller
  • EVCO EVK231 Refrigeration Controller

Heating/Cool Controller 12-24V

VAT included

The EVCO EV3401M3 is a 12-24VAC/DC digital temperature controller with a LED display and is capable of controlling medium temperature refrigeration and heating applications. Ideal for Baine Maries and Incubators. Configurable to accepts most types of probes (Not Supplied)


The instrument has 1 x cabinet temperature sensor, 1 x 16A (MAX 10A Resistive) compressor/element relay and 1 x digital door input.


Technical Details

Mounting: Panel Mount

Housing: Self Extinguishing Plastic

Frontal Protection Rating: IP65

Size: 74 x 32mm (L X H)

Panel Cut out: 71 x 29mm

Display: 3-digit red LED with 1 decimal point

Power supply: 230 VAC 50hz 3VA

Temperature range:

Depending on Probe Type

Analogue Inputs: 2 (Door Switch or 2nd Probe)

Probe (NTC or PTC) Cabinet Temperature

Probe (NTC or PTC) Condenser Temperature

Digital Input: 1 Door Switch Input (Abvailable if 2nd Probe not used)

Relay Outputs:

Relay 1 for Compressor or heater element (10A Resistive) 250VAC (N/O contact)

Control Type: On/Off

Defrost: Compressor off cycle (Programmable)

Energy Saving Function: Yes

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Data sheet

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EV3401 Manual

Download (314.59KB)