Fridge/Heating Controller - EVCO EVKB31

Freezer Controller with Voltage Protection

VAT included

The EVKB63N7 is a 115 - 230VAC digital temperature controller with a LED display and is capable of controlling low temperature applications. The controller protects against voltage fluctautions

Supplied with 2 x 1.5m NTC temperature probe.


The instrument has 1 x cabinet temperature sensor and 1 x evaporator sensor, 1 x 30A compressor/element relay and 1 x digital door input.


Technical Details

Mounting: Panel Mount

Housing: Self Extinguishing Plastic

Frontal Protection Rating: IP65

Size: 74 x 32mm (L X H)

Panel Cut out: 71 x 29mm

Display: 3-digit red LED with 1 decimal point

Power supply: 115 - 230VAC

Temperature range:

-50 Deg C to +120 Deg C with a PTC Probe

-40 Deg C to +110 Deg C with a NTC Probe

Analogue Inputs: 1 Probe (NTC or PTC)

Digital Input: 1 Door Switch Input

Relay Outputs:

Relay 1 : Compressor 30A 250VAC (N/O contact)

Relay 2: Defrost (Hot Gas or Element)

Relay 3: Evaporator Fan

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Supply Voltage
Mounting Type
Panel Cut Out Size
71 x 29mm
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