EE1000 Condensate Pump 10l/h
  • EE1000 Condensate Pump 10l/h
  • EE1000 Condensate Pump 10l/h

EE1000 Condensate Pump 10l/h

VAT included

Mini split piston condensate drain pump with float switch for A/C units up to 10KW (34 000btu) 10l/h, max suction 1.5m, head 10m.



This float type pump is mainly used in air conditioners where space is limited, e.g. wall mounted mini split and ceiling air conditioner units. The small sensor can easily be adapted to fit to the air conditioner´s condensate drain hose.


The EE 1000 system consists of a pump unit and a separate 3-level float switch sensor. Beside the on/off function the system offers a high level, potential free NO / NC alarm switch (230 V, 8 A ohmic load). The system comes with mounting accessories like pads of double-sided Scotch Tape to fix the floater and an anti-shock mount for the pump unit


Technical Data:

Pump unit (L x W x H): 77 x 35 x 62 mm

Electrical spec.: 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 18 VA

Sensor unit (L x W x H): 82 x 39 x 39 mm

Max flow rate: 10 l/h

Max delivery height: 10 m

Max suction height: 2.5 m

Alarm switch: max 230 V, 8 A (ohmic load) NO/ NC (normally open/ normally closed)

Alarm: max 23 mm* Start: max. 18 ± 2 mm* Stop: max. 14 ± 2 mm*


*Dimensions specified from the mounting surface of the sensor/ floater

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Data sheet

Maximum Pumping Capacity
Maximum Delivery Height
Maximum A/C Size
34 000btu
Pump Type
Mini Split - Piston


EE600 EE1000 EE1800


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