Standard Air-Blade™ Air Knife
  • Standard Air-Blade™ Air Knife

Air Knife - Standard Air-Blade™

The Air Knife - Air-Blade Blow-Off System from Nex Flow™ is easy to install and maintain. It can reduce both compressed air consumption and noise levels.

It produces a “laminar” flow of air using the Coanda effect. This draws a large volume of air from the surrounding area along with the small amount of compressed air from the Air-Blade. It also produces an output flow up to 30 times.


The air knife system payback on compressed air savings can be seen in some applications.

Air Knife - Air-Blade Features:
  • The low cost air knives are rugged with a multiple port design for mounting flexibility. It is coated for longer life compared to competitive products that advertise a full flowing air knife type of system.

  • It is made of a coated aluminum body and hard-coated cap. Stainless steel models are available for high temperature and corrosive applications.
  • The multiple air inlet ports at the back ends in a compact design with additional mounting holes.
  • Airflow amplification is approximately 30:1 compared to 3:1 for drilled pipe or open jets and tubes.
  • There is instant on-off mechanism with no moving parts. There are no electricity or explosion hazards.

 Air Knife & Air-Blade Benefits:

  • It is built and designed for significantly longer life in difficult environments compared to competing products.
  • There are flexible mounting options and can easily fit in small spaces.
  • Energy reduction in compressed air can use up to 90% and noise reductions of 10 DBA.
  • It is maintenance-free. The output is easily controlled and safe to use.


 Available in sizes from 3" (76mm) to 36" (914mm)


  • No Moving Parts
  • Gold anodized aluminum or stainless steel.
  • Compact design, simple, lightweight and portable.
  • Full flow - Air across entire length of Air Knife.
  • Air inlets at ends and back.
  • Driven by air not electricity.
  • Replaces drilled pipe and open jets or nozzles used for blowoff, cleaning, drying and cooling.
  • High airflow amplification.
  • Instant on-off, no electricity or explosion hazard.



  • Longer life in difficult environments than competitive models.
  • Lower compressed air consumption than drilled pipe or rows of open jets and nozzles.
  • Can be placed end to end for continuous airflow.
  • Maintenance free with output easily controlled, safe to use.


Advantages over Blowers:


  • Compact design, simple, lightweight and portable.
  • Driven by air, not electricity for safety.
  • No moving parts - Hence safer and maintenance free.
  • Lower noise levels at 69 dBA and less with smaller space.



  • Cleaning of steel sheet in strip mills
  • Parts drying
  • Cleaning or drying web processes.
  • Pre-paint drying and blowoff
  • Scrap removal
  • Parts cooling
  • Circuit board cooling
  • Use for environment separation with air curtain effect
  • Opening bags for filling
  • Sheet separation


Air Blades Standard

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