TLR D5 Universal A/C Controller - Vector Controls

2 Stage Cooling 230V

VAT included

This universal configurable 2 stage controller consists of a base unit and a wall mounted controller. The controller has 1 fan speed relay, 2 cooling stage relays, reverse valve relay and alarm relay. The controller has a auto change over mode. The unit has an option of a infrared remote control (OPR-1) and is available in 24V or 230V



Relay Digital Outputs

1 Fan (6A)

2 Stage One (6A)

3 Stage Two (6A)

4 Reverse Valve (6A)

5 Alarm (6A)

Multi Purpose Input:  Configurable for Temperature or Digital Input.

Voltage: 230VAC

Optional Extras: Infrared Remote Control (OPR-1)

Vector TLR-D5P-230
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Data sheet

2 Compressors



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TLR-D5P Wiring Diagram

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