EE1200 Pump & Trunking Kit - 8l/h
  • EE1200 Pump & Trunking Kit - 8l/h
  • EE1200 Pump & Trunking Kit - 8l/h

EE1200 Pump & Trunking Kit - 8l/h

VAT included

Piston condensate drain pump with float switch and alarm contact for a/c units up to 7.5kw (24 000btu) 8l/h, max head 6m. Complete with plastic trunking for neatly finished installations.



The EE 1200 has particularly been designed for direct installation into the Eckerle-duct-system. Equal to the other volumetric systems of Eckerle the EE 1200 comes with a high quality Swissmade piston pump inside. These pumps were specially developed to deliver condensate water. They offer wide opening duck-bill-valves (non-sensitive against water borne contaminants) and furthermore they run remarkably quiet. These details arrange a pump system with a long-life-cycle. They provide a higher-than-average performance even at great delivery heights Description: The EE 1200 system consists of a pump unit and a separate 3-level float switch sensor and a length of plastic trunking. Beside the on/off function the system offers a high level, potential free NO / NC alarm switch (230 V, 8 A ohmic load). The system comes with mounting accessories like pads of double-sided Scotch Tape to fix the floater and an anti-shock mount for the pump unit


Technical Specs:

Pump unit (L x W x H): 78 x 42 x 46 mm

Electrical spec.: 230 V, 50 Hz, 18 VA

Sensor unit (L x W x H): 82 x 39 x 39 mm

Max. flow rate: 8 l/h

Max. delivery height: 6 m

Alarm switch: max. 230 V, 8 A (ohmic load) NO / NC (normally open / normally closed

Trunking length: 600mm

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Data sheet

Maximum Pumping Capacity
Maximum Delivery Height
Maximum A/C Size
24 000btu
Pump Type
Trunked - Piston


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