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Static Meter
  • Static Meter

Static Meter

This Handheld Electrostatic Meter is an ideal tool for manufacturing lines in the Plastic and Textile Industry as well as many others. The meter will assist you to easily detect the amount of static charge at specific points of your line, as well as establish if your antistatic ionizers are operating as they should.


* A hand-held measuring instrument enabling you to measure the invisible  electrostatic charge condition or ion balance of the ionizer easily. 
* Maximum value(peak value)/pause can be displayed. 
* LED cross mark as an index for correct measurement distance. 
* Equipped with a female thread for camera screws; using with a tripod or jig enables measurements in stable state. Also provided with a plate for ion balance measurements. 
* LCD has backlight and provides a bright, easy-to-see display in low light. 
* Provided with a soft housing carrying case. 
* Compatible with ISO 9000 traceability.