Deco Pump Kit - 12l/h Sanicondens
  • Deco Pump Kit - 12l/h Sanicondens

Clim Deco Pump Kit - 12l/h

Clim Deco Pump Kit - 12l/h

The Clim Deco consists of a Condensate Pump with a float switch that is housed in a neat plastic box designed to be fitted below the indoor unit of an air conditioner unit. The pump will pump 12l/h and 4.5 head and will work on units up to 7.5kw (26 000btu)

The Clim Deco is designed to be fitted to mid wall split type air conditioner units, offering a neat appearance and easy installation



Pump unit (L x H x D): 145 x 110 x 55 mm

Tank Capacity: 175ml

Electrical spec.: 230 V, 50 Hz, 18 VA

Max. flow rate: 12 l/h

Max. delivery height: 4.5 m

Alarm switch: max. 230 V, 8 A (ohmic load) NO / NC (normally open / normally closed

Clim Deco

Data sheet

Type of Mounting
Wall - Under Indoor Unit
Maximum Pumping Capacity
Maximum Head
Country of Manufacture
Warranty Period
1 Year
Type of Float Switch
Built in
Type of Pump
Sound Level
Less than 21dB

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Clim Deco

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