Milk Tank Cooler Controller EVCO EVK422

Milk Tank Cooler Controller -230V

Milk Tank Cooler Controller -230V

The EVCO EVK422 is a 230VAC digital thermostat designed to control milk tank cooler refrigeraton systems as well as many other applications. The controller has 1 x Temperature probe input, 1 x Compressor relay output and 1 x Agitator relay output. The unit is supplied with 1 x 1.5m NTC temperature probe

The EVK422 can use 1 temperature input to control 2 different relay outputs with their own setpoints (heating or cooling operation)

Technical Details

Mounting: Panel Mount

Housing: Self Extinguishing Plastic

Frontal Protection Rating: IP65

Size: 74 x 32mm (L X H)

Panel Cut out: 71 x 29mm

Display: 3-digit red LED with 1 decimal point

Power supply: 230 VAC 50hz 3VA

Temperature range:

-50 Deg C to +120 Deg C with a PTC Probe

-40 Deg C to +110 Deg C with a NTC Probe

Analogue Input: 1 Probe (NTC or PTC)

Digital Outputs:

Relay 1: Compressor 16A 250VAC (N/O contact)

Relay 2: Agitator 8A 250VAC (change over contact)


Specific References


EVK 422 Manual

Download (566.97KB)