Ring Blade Air Wipe 1" Nexflow Aluminium

The Ring Blade produces a "laminar" flow of air along its 360º angle using the "Coanda" effect which "entrains" a large volume of air from the surrounding area along with the small amount of compressed air from the Ring-Blade™ air-saver wiper-blade to produce an output flow up to 30 times.

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Air Wipe Blow-Off System - Ring-Blade™ from Nex Flow™ is easy to mount and maintain and reduces both compressed air consumption and noise levels.

Air Wipe Blow-Off System - Ring-Blade™ pay back on compressed air savings can be as soon as a few weeks in some applications when compared to nozzle "rings" or simple annular slots used by other air wiping system.

Air Wipe Blow-Off System - Ring-Blade™ Features:
  • System is made of anodized aluminum to provide even air flow 360º around the part.
  • Designed as two pieces hinged together to open and close around the part.
  • Instant on-off with no moving parts, no electricity or explosion hazard.


Air Wipe Blow-Off System - Ring-Blade™ Benefits:
  • Even blow off around the part, light in weight and compact.
  • Easy to install and maintain and allows removal of a continuous piece.
  • Reduced compressed air use for energy savings plus lower noise levels.
  • Maintenance free with output easily controlled, safe to use.

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